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NASA Image of the Day

Full-Circle Vista With a Linear Shaped Martian Sand DuneThe left side of this 360-degree panorama from NASA's Curiosity Mars rover shows the long rows of ripples on a linear shaped dune in the Bagnold Dune Field on the northwestern flank of Mount Sharp.


ESA Human Spaceflight

Waiting for the burn Human spaceflight image of the week: Orion’s propulsion system ready for ‘hot firing’


Science Daily

When the universe was young, a supermassive black hole heaved out a jet of particle-infused energy that raced through space at nearly the speed of light. Billions of years later, scientists has identified this black hole and four others similar to it that range in age from 1.4 billion to 1.9 billion years old.


ESA Navigation

UK Galileo advocate receives honour A leading authority and advocate of Europe’s Galileo satellite navigation system has been named as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for services to science.


ESA Observing the Earth

Call for media Journalists are invited to join the social media and outreach event on the night of 6–7 March in Germany for the Copernicus Sentinel-2B launch


SpaceRef Mars

On Mars, wind rules. Wind has been shaping the Red Planet's landscapes for billions of years and continues to do so today. Studies using both a NASA orbiter and a rover reveal its effects on scales grand to tiny on...


NASA Breaking News

NASA Statement About SpaceX Private Moon Venture AnnouncementNASA statement on SpaceX’s announcement Monday about a private space mission around the moon.


NPR Space News

It would be the first time humans have traveled beyond low Earth orbit since the days of Apollo. The mission would be manned and financed by two private, anonymous customers.


New Scientist - Space

The private space flight company has already received a deposit from two would-be space tourists who hope to fly in late 2018 – if the spacecraft is ready


Astronomy News - Sky & Telescope

Hankering to discover new solar systems or understand our own? These citizen science projects and public data troves will help you fill your free time. The post Find New Worlds, Film an Eclipse & Do Some Citizen Science! appeared first on Sky & Telescope.